Are you gluten intolerant?

You would have come across people in your gym who are doing great work out regularly. These people are even eating healthy throughout. Their protein intake and vitamins and minerals are also taken care. Even after such good routine, they are not able to lose weight, specifically from their belly area. They would have good muscle mass as well, even then they complain of bloating, gas and heaviness. You can also check the 30 minute full body workout article which we published last week.

These people should get them tested for gluten intolerance. Their bodies could be gluten intolerant, which keeps them bloated all the time, even if they consume smaller meals. Even a slight trace of gluten in your food can trigger the reaction for gluten sensitivity. Generally it is seen that gluten intolerant people are overweight as gluten intolerance directly impacts the digestive system.

Eating healthy

Now, getting an exact diagnosis of gluten intolerance or trying to identify how gluten makes you put on those extra kilos, is not an easy thing to find out. The best way to confirm your gluten intolerance and your weight gain due to gluten intolerance is to go on completely gluten-free diet for a few days. Now, some people can find the difference in just 2-3 weeks, however, some might take even months to get confirmed symptoms regarding the intolerance. Keep a track of what all you are eating, as I said earlier, even a small trace of gluten can interfere with functioning while on a gluten-free diet.

If you could follow the gluten-free diet for some time, in most cases you will clearly see whether you are actually gluten intolerant or not. Once confirmed, it is generally advised for such people to always have gluten-free food.

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