Top 5 Tips for Installing Large Format tiles

Installing tiles has never been a very easy job. Large tiles previously meant 8’X8’inches but today you will find tiles larger than this too. Large format tiles are not only large and square but they are generally greater than 15 inches. Here the top 5 tips as to how to install large format tiles:

  1. Flat floors are essential – Before you start installing large format tiles, you must do a proper inspection of the floor. A flat floor is absolutely necessary for the installation of large format tiles. It is essential also to remove and fill all low spots and flatten high spots to get flat floors which make it easier to install large format tiles.
  2. Use a medium bed mortar – these medium bed mortars are specifically designed to handle the ¾ of an inch that you might have to build up under a tile in order to support it. They are also capable of handling the weight of the large format tiles. Soon all tiles over 15 inches will have to be installed with a medium bed mortar.
  3. Use large notch trowels to save time – The difference between using a large notch trowel and a smaller notch trowel is considerable and the large notch trowel can help you to save time and money. Since large format tiles require back buttering and more mortar to achieve the minimum coverage using a larger trowel will make the job much easier for you. It is used in 80% coverage in interior installation and 95% of exterior installations.
  4. They are inconsistent – Many a times although two pieces of tiles may be of same type yet they be inconsistent in size. So, to have an acceptable installation it is necessary to have a minimum of 16 inch grout joint and 3 times the variance in the tiles. So, in order to hide the variances in the size, you have to go at least 3 times the variance in the tile size. So, if there is a 1/16” variance in the tiles then the grout joint should be of 3/16 inches. Thus, get a markup with the owner before you install these tiles.
  5. The larger the format, the greater the variance – All tiles come with some warpage and it could lead to variances and inconsistencies. So, it is always best to check with the companies about tiles warpage for a successful installation.

Thus , follow these tips and you can easily install large format tiles anywhere without any difficulty.

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